Wednesday series breaks records on Netflix 2024


Wednesday series

A new series “Wednesday series “on Netflix network was able to break viewing records.

In detail, the new series “Wednesday series”:
achieved record numbers in just one week, reaching over 300 million views in the first week alone from the series’ launch.

The new series “Wednesday series” surpassed the viewership of “Stranger Things,”
which had previously achieved high viewership ratings. However, it was unable to surpass the viewership of “Squid Game,” which reached over 500 million views in the first week. If the viewership of “Wednesday series” continues to rise, it will easily surpass the viewership of “Squid Game.”

The series “Squid Game” topped the charts in more than 83 countries around the world, the same number achieved by the series “Stranger Things.”

It is worth noting that “Stranger Things” is a horror and thriller series adapted from “Adams Family.”

The series revolves around a teenage girl named Wednesday series, who is brave and intelligent and investigates a series of murders in the city.

On the other hand,

The addition of “The Crown” series has sparked controversy, causing a major stir upon the release of its promotional trailer. It is known for the crises it has caused in Britain.

In detail, a statement appeared on the Netflix website and at the bottom of the series’ promotional video on YouTube, stating, “This dramatic novel is based on true events and tells the story of Queen Elizabeth II and the political and personal events that defined her reign.”

The platform had previously ignored demands from the audience to include a disclaimer, but criticism has intensified as the release date for the fifth season approaches on November 9th.

The series has been controversial since its previous seasons, and the fourth season has been accused of bias in its portrayal of the relationship between Charles and Princess Diana, depicting Diana as a lonely fiancée and then a sad bride living with an unfaithful husband.

Former British Prime Minister John Major described the series as “a barrel of nonsense” after reports that the fifth season shows Charles trying to undermine the Queen in the 1990s and pressuring Major to push his mother to abdicate the throne.

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